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Panera’s HR Management has continued to look for high quality, friendly, and qualified individuals to help extend their business ethics and ideals to customers. Hiring these skillful workers allows Panera to, not only run their business efficiently, but effectively. ● Is it valuable? Yes, considering that from the bottom, the front line employees are always dealing with customers in the food industry. Also hiring qualified managers and bakers show that they are always trying to produce the best product possible. With these qualities in each employee, Panera has the ability to implement new ideas and systems that employees can quickly pick up on. ● Is it Rare? Yes, because most fast food restaurants don’t care if they are qualified as long…show more content…
Most consumers are far more knowledgeable of what Subway and Starbucks have to offer than Panera. Panera also has no global presence at all and hasn’t attempted to spread globally either, most likely due to the high risk they would face in doing so. Their difficulty when opening franchises (because of the strict guidelines, 15 years for 6 restaurants) has hampered their ability to spread across the United States, grab more market share, and strengthen their brand. They also come off as a higher priced place to grab some quick…show more content…
They also have to worry about rival companies copying what they offer and taking some of the market share away from them. Like if Starbucks ever started offering subs to their customers Panera could be in trouble. 3 KEY STRATEGIC SUCCESS FACTORS OF PANERA 1. The most important strategic factor of success for Panera’s is their unique healthy menu that ranges from breakfast, to lunch, and dinner. By offering such a diverse array of healthy products Panera has been able to grab a large market share within their niche market. And by being a big player in that niche market of healthy fast food Panera has a built up a strong loyal customer base that will help them continue to grow as a brand across the United States. 2. The continuation of their technological goals to hold competitive advantage over their rivals. They already copied Starbucks and now offer Wi-Fi in all of their restaurants. But they were first to strike with Initiative Panera 2.0, which will introduce kiosks that customers can order their meals from. This will first off, increase their speed of service, and give them an advantage over their
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