The Breadwinner Perseverance Quotes

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Imagine, being an eleven year old girl and having to do so many certain things to be able to provide for your family, like pretending to be a boy and not giving up on your family. That’s what young Parvana faces in the book,The Breadwinner. Perseverance is defined as being determined to do something and never giving up.Throughout The Breadwinner,by Deborah Ellis, the main character Parvana demonstrates several examples of perseverance in her everyday struggles in her life. One example of Parvana’s perseverance in the book is how she never gave up on her father. When her father was imprisoned and everyone thought he was dead, she never gave up on him. “ ‘My father’s coming back,’ she said. ‘He is coming back!’ ” This shows how when everyone…show more content…
there was a window on the wall, but it had been painted black, in obedience to the Taliban.” and the quote, “ You’ve been watching your father all this time.Just do what he did.”She had to be careful and not be caught as a girl being a boy outside and the Talibs were causing girls not to be able to go outside so Parvana had to cut her hair and change clothes to look like a boy to be able to go outside and get water and money without a boy with her. In Conclusion, throughout the book, The Breadwinner, by Deborah Ellis, Parvana displays many countless examples of Perseverance. During the book Parvana demonstrates many acts of perseverance, whether that’d be persevering to never give up on her dad, pursuing the identity of a boy to provide for her family, making money for her family, persevering against the taliban, and several more. Now, visualize being eleven and having to take on all these responsibilities and persevere through them to provide for your family, that’s pretty much Parvana's everyday life throughout The
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