What Is Philosophy By Simon Blackburn Summary

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“What is Philosophy?” by Simon Blackburn
According to Simon Blackburn, philosophy can be different things depending on how it’s used, and it can be used many different ways. When used as a method, philosophy studies the same world as science, but uses rational arguments as proof rather than scientific observations. Although, when thought of as a subject matter rather than a method, philosophy becomes a specific area of study, trying to answer questions that have not yet been answered and concern humanity using the three foundational philosophical questions: what exists, what do we know, and what should we do. These are the basic questions philosophers use to prove their arguments. The third way to use philosophy, according to Blackburn, is as an attitude, or way of thinking. This quote from the reading sums it up very well. “To be philosophical is to continue to question the assumptions behind every claim until we come to our most basic beliefs about reality, and then to critically examine those beliefs.” This means that to use philosophy as an attitude is to question your beliefs and decisions in a philosophical way, using the three foundational philosophical questions to come to conclusions.

“Essential Teachings on Virtue, Happiness, and Tranquility,” from “The Art of Living” interpreted by Sharon Lebell
In this article, it is said that Epictetus believes that there is no meaning of life, and what happens in our day to day life does not have any meaning. Our goal is to be
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