What Is Piggy Symbolize In Lord Of The Flies

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In the realistic novel, Lord of the Flies, a group of British boys turn into savages after being stranded on an island. Day after day the boys are faced with the challenges of survival. With no adults on the island, the boys decide to elect a leader to maintain order. The author, William Golding, shows that the boys decisions on the island are influenced by the evil society they came from. Piggy, who received his name in school because of his appearance, turns out to be the most adult like figure on the island. Piggy symbolizes wisdom because he tells Ralph how to use the conch to make order, he ensures the boys that there is no beast, and says they need smoke to be rescued. As soon as the boys landed on the island, Piggy wanted everyone to act as civilized as possible. When Ralph and Piggy were walking along the shore, they came…show more content…
Golding uses imagery to compare the beast Jack sees to the beast that Piggy sees. Piggy is one of the only characters that that knows “there isn't no beast- not with claws and all that- but [he knows] there isn't no fear either”(Golding 84). Piggy is wise enough to know that there is no such thing as a beast. He knows the boys will fear things, but not a cartoon like beast. Piggy tries to get the fear of the beast out of the boy’s head. He knows that the younger kids won’t be able to sleep if they are thinking about being murdered in their sleep. To get the fear of a beast out of the boys heads, Piggy tells them his thoughts on the beast. While talking to the boys, Piggy says there is nothing to fear “unless we get frightened of people”(Golding 84). Piggy figures out that the boys only fear what people tell them and what people can make them believe. The beast is just something that the boys imagine. The only beast that is found is a paratrooper that fell from the sky. This proves that Piggy was correct by saying the only thing they fear is
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