What Is Poverty In America Essay

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Poverty in America is a difficult topic to speak on; everyone has their own views and experiences on poverty. Certain social trends have impacted the society such as Family Dynamics; The way families are now are a lot different than families of the 1950’s-1960’s, In many cases both adult members of the family are working instead of the traditional husband working to support the family. Even with both members working full time it is still hard to support an average family due to working class wages not adjusting to inflation. Poverty has been increasing at a dramatic rate and the government is supporting more and more people with perverse incentives. Many people in poverty are not future orientated they are handed many of the things that most people work for. There are 45.3…show more content…
By giving people food, medical insurance, and a check why would they feel the need to move up in society? The government wants the lower class to remain the lower class, they want you to have to rely on their assistance but, is it really their fault that you’re there? Marlin said ‘extra money wouldn’t have made a difference in life that his mother would have just drunk the money away’ so why is it that more money keeps being handed out? In today’s society people aspire to look like the rich. Working class women will spend their disposable income on knock off designer bags just so that people have the impression that they have more money than they do in reality; they want to blend in with what others have. Marriage is another trend that’s going down, it’s more common to get a divorce now than it used to be; Divorces creates single moms often working lower class jobs and support her children. A married women can fall down a social class because, there’re no longer two incomes supporting the family. There is still equality of opportunity in America people do have the chance to move up in society, it may be harder to start from the bottom and work your way up but with determination it can be

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