What Is Power In Lord Of The Flies

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Throughout the novel, Lord of the Flies, power is used to control the boys as they would be in their lives before being on the island. Before the tragic event of landing on the island the boys lived in Britain and went to religious schools. All of the boys lived by obeying the rules; they were taught to be formal and proper in everything that they do.“We’re not savages, we’re English and the English are the best at everything” (42). Power is everyone 's eyes, especially males. It portrays the dominance of the actual person. The conch and the sow 's head both symbolize power in the boys minds. They believe these items seem to show to the others they are in charge and have the full power; they are to be looked up to. Both of these objects show power, only everyone…show more content…
Lord of the Flies is a novel big on power. William Golding writes this novel to theoretically to show how our society is. Society overall is about power and domination. Yes, people want to be in charge completely, it is in our human nature. Golding proves to this directly. In the beginning, the boys gather up and decide who is in charge before anything else happens. They all had a choice between Ralph and Jack, obviously because they presented high qualities for being the chief. The boys then voted Ralph as the chief. Ralph’s main priority is to figure out ways to get rescued off the island. Meanwhile, Jack’s priority is to learn and figure out how to survive on the island. Throughout time, the boys figure out who everyone truly is, and realize who should really be chief and finally catch up to the fact that survival is key. Everyone except Piggy then start to follow Jack and his savage group. The thought of having to survive in order to get rescued came to their mind. “Startled, Ralph realized that the boys were falling still in silent. Feeling that the beginnings of awe at the power set fee below them. The knowledge and awe made him savage” (44). Ralph then lost all hope in having
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