What Is Prejudice In To Kill A Mockingbird

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Chairman of the Chicago Bulls Jerry Reinsdorf has stated “Discrimination and prejudice of any kind have no place in sports or in our society” Jerry's statement matches To Kill a Mockingbird character Atticus Finch's actions. Atticus and Jerry both have the same opinion of prejudice and racism. Their opinion is racism and prejudice should not belong in a society. Jerry said the quote but Atticus took an action to it. In To kill a Mockingbird, Lee uses symbols and natural elements to teach readers that prejudice can create a hostile society and there are good people who try and stop prejudice. Lee uses Tim, the rabid dog, to show Atticus shooting down racism in Maycomb. Jem and Scout were walking and they saw Tim. They warned the town and…show more content…
Lee use of the fire helps readers learn that racism can spread through a town and destroy it. It was Maycomb first snow in a long time and Miss Maudie's House caught on fire during the night. Scout “ saw fire spewing from Miss Maudies dinning room windows… while the fire silently devoured Miss Maudie's house” (Lee 92). The fire is representing racism in Maycomb. It is like a rumour it can easily be spread and can destroy a society. People today can make up something and tell someone and it’s like a chain reaction more and more people believe it and they spread it to the people they know. This is a very important lesson to readers because it can hurt or potentially destroy a society. The lesson Lee is teaching is saying something that could sound harmless or believing something could spread to other people and hurt a society. When Scout was watching the fire from afar and she became fearful when seeing the fire get bigger and sparks flying near her house. She noticed Atticus not doing anything about it. Jem responded with “let’s don’t pester him, he’ll know when it’s time” (Lee 94). Atticus is not doing anything because he knows the fire will not spread to his house. Atticus is representing the people who are against spreading things in societies. There are people in societies that spread the
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