Early Childhood Education Essay

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When it comes to educating the minds of young children there are many positive benefits, both on a personal level and individually. Creating strong, lasting relationships with the children and families, contributing to the growth process of developing minds, advance personal pedagogy, and so much more. Students’ success becomes your own, and to parents, you become a beacon of support for their child’s development and education. Being an early childhood professional is more than just being a teacher; it’s taking on a role that requires endless patience, forever love, and countless smiles.

For me personally, my teaching beliefs and values have always stemmed from personal experiences within the classroom and implementation of curriculum that
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It is human nature to inquire and question everything, children are no different. By offering the children a variety of different ways to learn I am able to help them meet their goals and encourage them to help/teach their peers. Continuing down the childhood professional career path I have found support in a variety of shapes and forms. Through the support of parents and fellow teachers I was able to continue my education in the childcare field. Creating those relationships was vital to my future and without my dedication to professionalism I would not have been able to create them. I feel through earning my CDA certificate I will be able to enhance the lives of my students and be able to provide a better quality of learning for them and to their families as well. As I continue down this path, eventually I would like to work in the public school system, or even possibly becoming an Assistant Director. By showing my students that I am continuing to study hard and persevere, I am setting a good example of what they can do too; whatever it is they set their minds too.

In conclusion, being a teacher doesn’t just stop at the door of the childcare center, it is apart of who I am as a person. There will always be more opportunities for improvement and new ways of learning, it’s
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