What Is Professionalism In Nursing

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As a nurse, maintaining a sense of professionalism is of utmost importance in order to gain respect from our peers, leaders, and most importantly or clients. As I have gone out into the field during our clinical rotations, I have experienced many professional nurses and a few nurses I would consider unprofessional. So, I have decided to touch on a few key characteristics that I think make the mold of a professional nurse. As I searched for information regarding the professional nurse, I repeatedly saw these words throughout all the literature; autonomy, accountability, advocate, caregiver, and communicator. All of those aspects are pivotal in order to maintain a healthy, therapeutic relationship with our clients and to provide the greatest, holistic care possible while maintaining a sense of respect. Brennan and Monson (2014), say it best, stating, “professionalism is an indispensable element in the compact between the medical profession and society.”
I consider autonomy and accountability a package deal when it comes to the professional nurse. Being able to work autonomously means that you handle certain situations independently while utilizing your knowledge and the evidence presented to you to come to a decision. You also have to remain accountable for the decisions you made while using that knowledge and take responsibility for those choices and any possible mistakes. These qualities are essential when it comes to operating within a healthcare team in order to gain
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