The Role Of Propaganda In George Orwell's Animal Farm

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Animal Farm by George Orwell is a story about a group of overworked animals who plot a rebellion against the cruel farmer Jones. At the beginning of the book Old Major a veteran pig to the farm calls the other animals to a meeting. At this secret meeting a revolution begins and brings an entire new lifestyle to the animals. During the book readers who have previous knowledge of the Russian Revolution can notice the similarities of the removal and replacement of leaders along with propaganda techniques that blinded the Soviet people to the abuse they were receiving from their leaders. Not only are there striking similarities of characters and their roles the order of major events in the book are identical to revolution. Propaganda is biased information used in a way that picks at people's emotions in order to persuade them. In Animal Farm a particular pig Squealer uses propaganda to convince the animals they are all equal and uses threats to keep the animals blind to the pigs actions. The pigs on the farm are the founding species, they hold themselves responsible for rations, punishment, work, and control. Squealer is the “radio” or media to the population of animals. Fear is commonly used to persuade the animals to agree with the pigs. Squealer repeatedly uses sentences in his speeches such as “Do you know what would…show more content…
Readers can find the evidence of this based off of propaganda that the pigs used that was similar to propaganda made by the Soviet media to attack Trotsky or influence the working class. Not only can the similarities be concluded from the use of propaganda characters and events gave a hefty amount of evidence so a reader can identify the similarities. Everyone can find the similarities of the events in this book because everyone knows about how terrible the Soviets were to their people so Animal Farm was perfectly aligned with the events of the Russian
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