What Is Punitive Approach To Discipline

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In this milestone we will be looking at a few key items of employee and labor relations. Some items that this paper will cover are things such as employee discipline, performance management and employee and labor relations. First, we will start by looking at employee discipline. Employee Discipline: Analyze punitive and nonpunitive disciplinary approaches, and explain their impacts on employee relations. When talking about employee discipline there are two schools of thought. The punitive approach and the nonpunitive approach and each have distinct impact on employees. The punitive approach I would dare say is more of a traditional approach on discipline. The definition of punitive approach is, "Punitive discipline in the workplace…show more content…
"In a non-punitive, “Discipline Without Punishment” approach, there's a new step added to the process — a positive contact. Just as the policy is expected to resolve employee problems when they arise, it also makes clear that supervisors are expected to recognize employees when they perform well." This approach this about correcting the behavior in a constructive way. This approach has been proven very successful. According to an article written by Harvard Business Review, titled, "Discipline Without Punishment": A nonpunitive approach to discipline represents the company’s refusal to make an employee’s career decision. Traditional methods of discipline force management to make all the decisions. Is the offense serious enough to warrant a disciplinary transaction? Given the seriousness, what is the appropriate level of punishment? Is the punishment for employee A similar to what we did to B and C in like situations? Then management caucuses, analyzes the available data, and decides what action is most appropriate. The decision is then announced to the employee, who from the outset has been outside the…show more content…
Strategic purpose is something needed, because this allows the performance management to meet the organizational needs of revenue, or direct competition with their competitors. Administration purpose this allows the company to make important administrative decisions. Without and effective system, making salary, promotion, and retention decisions would be very hard. Finally, the three general purpose would be developmental purpose. This developmental purpose, is very important to the organization needs as this is developmental, as in developing their employees. Employees who are performing well or not so well a great performance management system will really help keep in order as to who needs what to performance at their

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