What Is Racism In God Bless America

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God Bless America; All 63% of It

How one of Earth’s superpowers deals with racism

“I look to a day when people will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.” The words and dream of Martin Luther King has had a large impact on western society since 1963; the year King delivered his famous I Have A Dream speech. He has motivated and inspired people of minority races to help better society and work in unity with each other in the 21st Century. Barrack Obama demonstrates King’s influence, as he became the first African American president of the United States. One would think that the topic of racism is abolished from America due to the success that minority races are having, but saying that couldn 't be
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Social media, television programs, news broadcasts and even lyrical content all consist of the ability to include racism in these prejudices. Social media and networking lead the list as it allows anyone with internet access to state their opinions rather than just political figures and celebrities. On average, according to research group Demos, 10,000 tweets posted on the social networking site Twitter, include a racial or derogatory term, both with or without context. When posts involving racism are public, it can potentially cause a chain-like reaction amongst other users, opening the door for them to include their own opinionated racist comments. Film and television also display a level of racism, typically in the form of stereotyping. Movies such as White Chicks and The Hateful Eight prove this as they both characterize African American men careless and ruthless. It 's is becoming more common for racism to be acceptable in both film and television, especially in the form of adult comedic programming. Family Guy is a prime example, as it commonly uses racism as a source of comedy by stereotyping minority races such as Hispanics and African Americans; overall depicting them in a negative way. In modern society, it can even be viewed as an industry standard for adult comedy media to include racism in their programming. “I believe that the majority of Americans have moved beyond being punch lines in sick ethnic jokes. But I don’t make TV shows.” States Andrea Peyser, a journalist for the New York Post in response to the topic of whether or not racism is present in film. Of course it would be notable to mention how the content of music contains racism, mainly involving slurs and derogatory profanity regarding the lyrics. This is more commonly shown in modern day music as opposed to music styles and genres from past generations. Predominantly being involved with rap and hip hop, slurs primarily towards
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