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“You have to create something from nothing” (“Ralph Lauren Brainy Quotes”). Ralph Lauren said this when he just starting making his ties because he didn 't have give material to make his ties. Ralph was born October 14, 1939 in New York City. His birth name is Ralph Lifshitz. He married Ricky Lauren on December 20, 1964. Ralph has three children Andrew, David, and a daughter Dylan. He served in the United States army. Ralph created his own fashion label in 1967, “Polo Ralph Lauren”. Ralph Lauren is one of the most powerful and successful business men in the world due to his achievements in the fashion industry, plethora of clothing lines, and endorsements of several charities(“Ralph Lauren.” Newsmakers.) Ralph Lauren is one of the most powerful…show more content…
Ralph was awarded the lifetime achievement award from the council if American fashion designers. Due to his success in making mens ties he took his company to the public. He started selling womens, men, boys, and even olympic because of his success in ties. By 2010 it had annual revenues of more than five billion dollars. Ralph won seven coty awards. It’s incredible of him without attending any kid of design school. From his successfulness, he has the lifetime achievement award, womenswear design of the year and menswear. He also has the retrailer award. By the the late 1990’s he was the top best selling designer clothing brand(“Ralph Lauren.” St.James”). Ralph got the Legion of Honor in 2010. In 1986 he was inducted into the Coty Hall of Fame. Lauren’s company is one of the top marketing designers. All of his clothes are sold approximately 9,000 doors world wide. After all of the the success in his company people estimated that his company is currently is a ten billion dollar enterprise. Forbes magazine listed him the 162nd richest men in the world. Because of the fashion of his clothes and the material they are…show more content…
After all hsi success Ralph wanted to help some people out and support charities. The Pink Pony foundation is for cancer care. The Pink Pony foundation is Ralph’s worldwide initiative in the fight against cancer. The mission is to reduce disparities in cancer care in medically underserved communities and ensure that treatment is available at an earlier, more curable stage. Polo fashion school was established in 2004 to provide highly motivated gifted students exposure to the world of fashion in the hopes that some would pursue career opportunities in the industry. Designed far after school teenagers in the inner city of New York City. It allowed participants to explore and learn about his creative industry directly from mentors within Ralph Lauren Corporations. Post students have designed things that became to sell worldwide. Habitat for Humanity was made. More than 10,000 pairs of jeans were collected from college campuses, employees, and high school students and recycled into “green” building insulation for use in Habitat for Humanity homes in the South Bronx in New York City and Hurricane Katrina raged Mississippi. Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity helped people after the hurricane. He also gave them clothing. Ralph Lauren’s newest campaign is the Ralph Lauren Children’s Literacy Program. It aims to support children 's literacy and education worldwide. There is up to 100,000 books fulfilled by Scholastic.

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