What Is Realism Theory In International Relations

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A. INTRODUCTION International Law has been designated to bind most of the nation states that exist in this modern world to conduct the administration of their states under one regulation. This international law was made under the agreement of the states. All states that agreed upon an international law are bind to its responsibilities and also the consequences if there is a violation in regards to the international law. Many scholars believe that there is no higher authority other than the international law. International law is a rule that has to be upheld by the states. International relations and international law are closely related to each other. Due to that, there is one theory in International Relations which walk in line with international…show more content…
As what have stated previously in the introduction part, Realism is one of the theories in International Relations which closely related to international law. Furthermore, Realism has provided the explanation about how is the world of power politics. First of all, in the Realist perspective, state is considered as the most important actor in the international system. In this case, states within the international relations are expected to be able to attain order and stability. Hence, whenever the order and stability has been attained, the distribution of power within the system will be much easier. Thus, in order to attain those two aspects, order and stability, states need to have rules and regulations. These rules and regulations refer are most probably refer to the international law. However, states are recognized as always has the intention to pursue a greater power compare to the other states. That is the reason why Realism perspective deems that the main focus of states in the international system is to struggle for power. Thus, world of power politics is cannot be separated from the power distribution among states. If the power which pursued by most of the states has no clear regulations or rules upon it, there is the possibility of chaos that will…show more content…
Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) [ ] has becoming one of the laboratory of constitutional reform since the countries in this region are applying legal system with the reference from international law [ ]. There are several of states in the Commonwealth of Independent States acknowledge that international law is becoming a part of their domestic law. Previously, during the 1977 USSR Constitution, it is not allowed for states to operate international law within the domestic law. The former Soviet Union was separating the conception of international law and municipal law or national law or domestic law as the legal

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