What Is Religion In The Crucible

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Given a story about a suspected possession of young women by the Devil, the core of the tale being that of religion is an obvious aspect. The Crucible is about what can only come naturally after children confess to making deals with Satan; a Crucible. Beginning with an onslaught of finger-pointing and denial of the deed, the Acts that follow the eventual confession consist of interpersonal relationships with the play 's characters and conflicts that 're set to messily resolve themselves. With characters who believe that their children, nieces, granddaughters, neighbors, etc. are taken by the hands of Lucifer, the fact that they are all Christians is painfully present. Though, some being religious to a fault is not an option scratched out by the author.
A prime example of those lead astray by their blind belief are the Putnams, who shout witchcraft as soon as they discover their daughter to be ill, without any symptoms but complete unconsciousness and with the knowledge of only what she had done the night before. A fellow character that shares the belief, John hale enters the story as a sophisticated doctor to diagnose the true cause of the mysterious
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The story of the Crucible itself tells of how reckless complete faith in God can be. While religion isn 't necessarily a bad thing, nor a characteristic shared by incorrect people, it can lead to inessential and unjust actions when taken into accord too strongly. Say the girls ' confession may have been true, and the sickened ones could have been truly ill from the touch of the Beelzebub. Where would it take society in the future? Although the one incident was riddled with truth and Satan was as real and as present as tax collectors, the world today would be filled with declarations of children being possessed by the Devil when they had nothing but the modern day stomach flu. As much as belief provides answers, it does not bring the same verification a conducted study and results with lists of scientific
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