What Is Revenge Theme In Hamlet

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The play Hamlet by Shakespeare is about a man, named Claudius, who kills his brother like if he was a mouse with poison, so he can become the king and marry with his brother’s wife. Then, his nephew, Hamlet wants to get revenge on his uncle for killing his father. To begin with, the play Hamlet contains many themes that have a really deep meaning. When analyzing the play Hamlet by the theme that the real poison in the play is revenge, and ambition, there are many examples of how this theme is shown in the play, like how Claudius poisoned his brother and he also died of poison, Hamlet wanting to get revenge, and Laertes also getting revenge of Hamlet. The theme that the real poison is revenge can be shown at the beginning of the play, since Claudius killed Hamlet’s father,…show more content…
For instance, in the movie of the play when Horatio and the others show Hamlet that his father’s ghost has been appearing, and the ghost tells Hamlet to follow him, when Hamlet goes to see what the ghost wanted to tell him. The ghost tells him that Claudius killed him by pouring poison through his ear while he was sleeping one afternoon. The king had a horrible look in his face, looking livid, falling fast to the ground, his eyes wide open, dying in a terrible way, feeling the breeze outside in the cold, taking his last breath. Poison appears since the beginning of the play, showing that poison would have a meaning in the theme of the play. Claudius killed his brother with poison, and at the end of the play Hamlet actually kills him with poison

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