What Is Revlon's Competitive Advantage

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2.4.1 Competitive Rivalry Revlon faces stiff competition from existing cosmetic entities like Estee Lauder and L’Oréal which acquire larger market share along with sustainable competitive edge by innovation (Kumar, et al., 2006). Besides, many luxury brands like Chanel and Dior nowadays join the competition also, launching beauty products. Therefore, Revlon needs constant innovation for survival in the market. 2.4.2 Bargaining Power of Customers The availability of countless beauty products from various manufacturers is the threat challenging Revlon. The high bargaining power of customers might pressure Revlon to reduce the product prices in order to remain relevant and competitive (Hill & Jones, 2009). 2.4.3 Bargaining Power of Supplier Bargaining…show more content…
While its professional segment products are delivered to wholesale beauty supply distributors, most of its goods under customer segment are distributed to large volume retailers and chain drug stores, such as Walmart, Watson & Co and DrugMart. By strengthening its distribution systems, Revlon has improved its operating efficiency in certain extent. Digital marketing including Social media, television or outdoor and print advertising are some of the tools being used by Revlon currently. Besides, to boost sales, displays and samples, coupons serve as trial incentives for point-of-sale merchandising. By cooperating sales activities and advertising campaigns, Revlon highlights a united image for its portfolio of core brands around the globe. Revlon upgraded its website on a regular basis featuring the latest product launched and current promotion information. Also, to give customers a better shopping experience, Revlon hires beauty advisors who are well trained for its counter sales. Additionally, the organization provides after sales service by its customer service center situated in 17 countries and internet…show more content…
The training programs are designed to convey strategic principles to workers and promote teamwork spirit within the organization. It is also committed to create a safe workplace for its employees. Company’s information technology systems play an important role as it determines the effectiveness and efficiency of company management and operation. Through the partnership with VMware, Revlon is at a better position towards big-data management by implementing private cloud infrastructure. Other recent technologies and software like automated-materials-handling system has been put into use for higher efficiency. The firm procures raw materials and components across the world and continually examines its production requirement against its manufacturing capacities to pursue cost reduction. Capabilities  Thanks to the cloud, Revlon has been able to resolve the difficulties of big-data management efficiently by classifying all the unstructured data in the company (Swan,

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