What Is Richard Wright's Attitude In Mother To Son

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African Americans had many struggles in previous generations. Many authors such as Richard Wright and Langston Hughes have different perspectives on how they approach these struggles. In works such as Black Boy and "Mother to Son", the authors provide evidence on if they interpret the struggles in a positive or negative way. Langston Hughes and Richard Wright have positive and negative views respectively towards their lives, and they use metaphors and life experiences to show it. Richard Wright uses a negative attitude to convey the life experiences he used in his novel, Black Boy. He describes how he faced many hardships throughout his life in the South. Richard is an African-American living in the highly racist South, which is the cause of why he was constantly discriminated against. For instance, even though Richard was voted valedictorian of his class, the principal didn't let him write his own speech. The principal implied that Richard wasn't smart due to his skin color. Richard expresses his pessimistic attitude by showing how he…show more content…
The speaker explains how even though her life isn'’ perfect, she never gives up. She metaphorically compares life to a staircase to explain to her son how life has it's ups and downs. The speaker wrote about splinters and tacks, and how she still gets over them,. Those splinters and tacks represent the little problems in life, such as getting a bad grade on a test. The speaker is positive about it because she explains how she gets over the little problems in life. Also, the author write about reaching landings This represents something good happening, such as reaching a goal or striving an aspiration. This is positive because the speaker gives an example of something good happening in their life. The poem "Mother to Son" has a positive tone because the author writes about how the mother never gave up, even when times were
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