What Is Rosa Robota Holocaust

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Rosa Robota Rosa Robota was a resister/victim of the holocaust during 1944. Rosa Robota was born in 1921 and died at Auschwitz concentration camp in 1945 at the age of 23. Rosa Gave up her life, so she could change the lives of others. Instead she was tortured and executed by the SS in Auschwitz. In November 1942 at the age of 21 Rosa was deported from her home town Ciechanow, Poland and sent to Auschwitz. Her whole family was deported to other concentration camps and killed in the gas chambers. After living in Auschwitz for 2 years, she was working in a clothing supply section of the camp when she was approached by Noah Zabldowicz, a member of the Jewish underground operating. Noah told Rosa that they must stage an uprising and plans to blow
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