Ecological Philosophy Of Rousseau Essay

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Rousseau is one of the most important ecological thinkers in the 18th century. The ecological thought of Rousseau marks a new stage in the development of ecological thought, it is systematic and comprehensive which influencing many ecological philosophies in the western country. He admits that the desire is a natural tendency of personality and a useful tool which to maintain surviving, therefore, it is futile to destroy it, if did, it can be seen to control the nature and change the work of God. However, the desire in Rousseau’s recognition is limited, and it is not the infinite desire of luxury in the consumer society; he points out that our natural desire is very limited which is a tool being used to reach the freedom, it enables us to achieve the purpose of keeping survival, all of those desires, which enslaved and destructed us, come from elsewhere, they do not belong to nature, it is us who regard it as our desire, violating the real desire meaning.(Rousseau,1991;288-289), then he analyzes the original reason of desire which was imposed by civilization,firstly, human being obtains the essential needs, secondly, they turn to pursue other things, such as the sensual pleasure, the endless wealth,subjects and slaves, they struggle for all of these…show more content…
Though Ursula was born in a general family and love nature as Birkin, she sticks to maintain self-worth and self- esteem and against the force of oppression. Ursula often has arguments with Birkin, they can always compromise to close the real meaning of each other, they are always trapped in stalemates, and good gas and amused, forgive each other for love. The process of establishing the intimate relationship between Ursula and Brikin can be seen as the limitation of desire of each
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