What Is Samsung's Strategic Planning Strategy

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Q1 : Samsung company is the one of the large corporations in the world , It specializes in the electronics industry , which compete with a lot and large companies such as : Apple , LG and Nokia , So Samsung adopted strategy to gain profit and achieve global competitive advantages . Samsung company today struggling to achieve global competitive advantaged and they adopt strategies that learns from their competitor , it’s not meant that Samsung ignore their customers , but they are interested in what competitor do and what people bring and produce to the market and study and observing to what seems attacking customers and then coming up with their own products and versions of that innovation . Samsung company are respect the customers…show more content…
Samsung uses two theories of strategy : the classical approach and processual approach to strategy . The classical approach is the oldest approach and the most influential comparison with other theories , it relies on planned and rational approaches to planning and strategy , the classical approach focus on supreme goals of business and the means for achieving these goals is rational planning such as PESTLE analysis , the planning plays an important part of the strategy of Samsung , and the main goals for them is to achieve a profit more than achieved by Apple and LG company , so Samsung uses a classical approach to achieve these profits by apply a rational and planning strategy , Samsung has relied on rational thinking for the manufacture of smart phones, where it has not copied what the apple do for their Iphone , but they create a new version of their products with the new and free application , also with some features that the apple doesn’t have like for example : the quality of the camera and The clarity of the screen . When the Samsung company wants to achieve a superior goals in rational planning they must and try to control everything , they must control the external environment like the customers behaviors , attitudes and what the customers really need for their smart phones and the…show more content…
For processualists , it’s better to organizations and markets accept the world as it is rather than search for a perfect life and idea . The processual approach also needs to take political , psychological and behavior relationship into account which contribute and influence the strategy . Samsung company has applied a processual approach as they see the market that they are operates is weak and there are a few companies that are trying to strengthen the market and produce a product that solve the problem that customers face when they use this electronics , so Samsung has adopted a way which it can produce and develop a lot of electronic goods , Samsung also use a method which called benchmarking that is a method that scan the market in order to identify a better way to do things or know how to solve problem , for example : Samsung company was Face a significant and serious problem, that it is a phone battery explosion that led to the death of many people and led to several accidents like fire in the house in Hong Kong , so Samsung try to solve this problem by focusing on vulnerable

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