Sandra Cribb Short Biography

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Sixties Oral History Paper The sixties have been recalled many times as a revolutionizing era, where America gained Her strength and Her individualism. The sixties were a time of self-expression and complex change for the United States of America. This period of change was very prevalent in many American lives. Sandra Cribb, a very close family friend, recalled what the sixties (1954-1975) met to her, and how this change in culture, politics, and technology, related to her life. Sandra Marie Cribb was born on May 5, 1942 in Chicago, Illinois, to her mother, Marie Hegna and father, Laurence Hegna. Sandra Marie Cribb is white and was born into a middle-class family. Her mother Marie had polio but was able to survive through it and raise her. Growing up, as the oldest child, she was…show more content…
Interestingly, the first election Sandra voted in was the Kennedy election. She believed Kennedy was very dreamy and he stole her vote from his good looks. Sandra was also raised Lutheran and attended the Lutheran Church with her family each weekend. As a young child until the age of nine years old, she lived on a farm in Wisconsin with her Aunt Edna and Uncle Russ with their family. From the ages of ten to nineteen, Sandra Cribb moved back to Chicago. In her youth, Sandra Cribb never attended kindergarten or preschool. She did however, go to grades one through twelve and then completed two years of college at Northern Illinois University. During grades one to three she went to a one room school house in Wisconsin. Her first job was in high school and she worked after school for three hours a day as a tray girl. As a tray girl, she worked in a local hospital and would bring in dinner trays to patients and then when they would finish dinner, she would go back to the room, take the tray and bring it to the kitchen. Her second job was as a babysitter for a family that lived down the street.
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