What Is Scott Fitzgerald's Life Related To The Great Gatsby

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Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald was born on St. Paul, Minnesota, United States in September 24, 1896. He was a great American short story writer and novelist. He was part of the society of 1920, the "Lost Generation", a generation were many writers were part of it during World War 1. He wrote many novels and book, the most Famous were The Great Gatsby, The Side of Paradise, The Beautiful and the Dammed, etc. He was on the "Jazz Age", some of his work show it. His first novel The Side of Paradise made him really famous and rich. In The Great Gatsby it is said that the millionaire men Jay is a comparison to Scott Fitzgerald, many of the things that happen in the novel were similar to Scott life. His work was sometimes appreciated and sometimes it diluted. Until the year 2000 most of his novels were taken as great, now The Great Gatsby is one of the must be read list in high schools. The Cambridge University Press is the responsible now to publish the complete Scott Fitzgerald works(their is about fifteen volumes). Also his books are been adapted to into movies just like The Great Gatsby.

His early life was kind of good, he was part of the upper middle social class. He was named after the death of her sister, two sister of Scott died shortly before his birth. His parents were Mary McQuillan, her family was Catholic-Irish and made a fortune in Minnesota as wholesale grocers and Edward Fitzgerald, who opened a wicker furniture business in St. Paul, and, when it broke, had a job
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