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Reflective Essay Introduction The documentary, Secondary School, chronicles the daily lives of two prestigious secondary schools in Hong Kong, including classes, teachers’ meeting and parents’ workshop. This reflective essay will employ the perspectives of Weber and Marx respectively, exploring how they may consider current secondary education in Hong Kong. The documentary shows a strict hierarchy of teachers and students. The schools apply wide-ranging regulations on students. Students have to attend school with uniform. Students cannot enter teachers’ office and can only call teachers using the beeper at the entrance. Teachers teach them how to behave in consonance with school regulations and common virtues. Misbehaviours can incur punishment.…show more content…
He may argue that secondary education is product of capitalism, as Marx adopted dialectical materialism, claiming the deterministic influence of economic base on superstructure. Education intensifies social inequality and solidifies capitalism. For students of upper class, they have built-in advantage to fit into the system, which consequently leads to higher academic attainment. However, the case is totally different for students born in proletariat families. Education is to provide labor force that is equipped with the traits compatible to capitalist production like intelligence and discipline. In the documentary, schools train students in diverse subjects to develop the skills that are beneficial to capitalism. Apart from academic training, schools also guide their students to stick to certain disciplines, violation of which will incur re-education and punishment. Deviant behaviours will be taught to change until it conforms to the principles of capitalism. The film records a conversation between a teacher and a problematic student. The teacher iterates the importance of obeying teachers’ order. The student was not persuaded at first, but he gradually yields to the teacher to make

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