What Is Self Reliance Essay

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It’s safe to say that in most places, long gone are the days of young women feeling like marriage and kids come before anything else. Instead, we proudly teach our girls to develop killer resumes, dream big and get properly paid. We urge them to work hard, pursue opportunities and hustle with zero abandon, to work hard and succeed. In this paradigm, young ambitious women take jobs, climb ranks and earn promotions—working their tails off for “the big break” that they earnestly hope will change their game. What if, when it comes to genuine growth for women, we have to rethink what we were taught? Before Anything: Financial Self Reliance Becoming self-made is the new ticking clock. What I mean by that is: there is no true empowerment until you have your own money. When I say…show more content…
It’s for women who have served their country in government jobs, or the military and are ready to plan out the rest of their lives. It’s for those women who feel their own sense of untapped greatness and just need a little push; for those of us who haven’t followed that traditional, linear career path; or for women who may not relate to the obstacles and demands of climbing the corporate ladder, because they are too busy trying to make ends meet. And for the women who are climbing that ladder, it’s a call to arms for cultivating the entrepreneurial attitude that will help you advance in your career, and will also serve you well on the day that your industry is disrupted and you wake up without a…show more content…
The road isn’t linear or one-size-fits-all, and it’s going to be different for everyone. I know it’s impossible to do everything at once—but I also know it’s completely possible to start the process right

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