Character Analysis Of Sethe In Beloved

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Sethe, a Slave to Her Past Numerous authors in American literature produce characters whose origins are unusual, unfamiliar, and often mysterious in the work. Toni Morrison’s novel Beloved successfully introduced a character that resembles the features mentioned above. Sethe, a young black woman born into slavery escapes from extreme bondage in the Nineteenth Century in the United States with memories bounded with torture. The novel has many scenes that are very striking, most of which have to deal with the treatment of the African-Americans. Slavery has always been one of the appalling phenomena in our world. Though, some individuals simply tend to ignore and hide the reality and the intensity of slavery. Not only Sethe but anyone who has once experienced slavery has to confront the horrors and the memories left behind to move on with their lives. Sethe’s strange origins under these circumstances reflect her psychological and emotional impact and undistinguished relationship with her mother and children by recalling her vile memories. Sethe grows up and experiences childhood on a plantation and gets sold to the Garners at the age of thirteen. She moves to Sweet Home as a former slave and was made to suffer more than any human being should have to, particularly during the last few days. Before she ran from Sweet Home to meet Baby Suggs and…show more content…
This novel highlights a real picture of slavery during the Nineteenth Century and these origins moreover shaped the deep meaning of the work as a whole. Despite Sethe being successful in escaping Sweet Home, she is haunted so much by Beloved’s apparition and her memories, resulting to lose a sense of who she really is. Morrison emphasized the idea that Sethe’s repressed past was still present, not only in Sethe’s life but in the lives of countless Black Americans today and anyone who has experienced slavery in any part of this
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