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Social Exclusion of HIV+ Individuals Social exclusion occurs when individuals or a group of people do not enjoy the same rights and privileges as the rest. Certain persons or groups become excluded from participating in the society either politically, socially, economically or culturally. The health status of an individual could be a major cause of social exclusion. People infected with HIV and AIDs form a part of this group. Social exclusion, in any form, leads to an individual’s inability to better their future lives. Consequently, HIV and AIDS contributes to social exclusion in a variety of ways. They could be interrelated and also compound on to the problem.
The stigma associated with people living with HIV and AIDS most of the time interacts with other social factors and
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Others believe that HIV is as a result of sexual intercourse which many societies see as a taboo, or it originates from immorality and irresponsibility of an individual. In Egypt for example, the biggest factor is the lack of accurate information about the transmission of HIV/AIDS leading to individuals and the society behaving irrationally and holding misperceptions of risk to a person (Morrow & Samir, 2012). Social exclusion as a result of HIV/AIDS has led to the loss of income opportunities for many who are on the receiving end. Take for instance the case of Madhu, an HIV-positive woman from India who lost her husband and was later rejected by her in-laws. The stigma that followed led her to not getting a job she previously held as a teacher in her local area (Department for International Development, 2005). Such is common in other countries where individuals lose their source of income and livelihoods due to discrimination on the basis of their health

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