What Is Social Media Activism

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In a world that thrives on instant information, social media is at the forefront of consuming time. While social media has been crucial for information dissemination through news organizations, as well as promoting activism, it has also affected the lives of teenagers and individuals everywhere through bullying; finally, the reporting of false news can drastically harm our nation. There are many available pros and cons to the concept of social media and it is important to realize that they may not be a clear answer as to what is right or wrong. News media outlets have benefited greatly from the growth of social media. Companies can target a younger audience through social media, as young individuals spend much of their time on these social networking sites (INSERT CITATION HERE). Allowing the news to become active on social media, allows them to actively participate in, and advertise events within the community (INSERT CITATION HERE). Due to social media, important events, such as weather, can be shared and updated almost immediately to inform the public. Other tragic events, such as crimes or kidnappings allow pictures of dangerous people to be spread rapidly throughout networks. Because of social media, we can access important information almost instantaneously at the touch of our fingertips. While social media has changed the face of how we receive news, it has also impacted activism. Fundraising, and activism, some of the most positive results of social media
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