What Is Sometimes The Earth Is Cruel Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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Every kid probably ever raised in the 21st century has heard the phrase “life's not always fair”. If by some weird phenomenon you haven't heard that, then you’ve surely heard the expression “sometimes bad things happen to good people”. Pitts simply rephrases that famous quote in his article Sometimes, The Earth Is Cruel. Every person will probably experience this feeling at least at some degree in their lives. No nation on this planet, however, has ever experienced it like the people of Haiti. It’s fascinating to view human nature the way that Pitt does in Sometimes, The Earth Is Cruel. We as humans can’t stop moving. We’re always moving forward. That’s what gives us our intellectual advantage and supremacy to other species. We dig. When we can’t dig with our hands anymore we use our feet. When we can't continue on…show more content…
He has a very apparent way of making you gain a picture of what he’s trying to describe to you in your head. The way he describes nature is captivating. He uses word devices including similes such as “like a fist”, personification such as “heaves” and “bullies” and metaphors such as “the earth is cruel” to help the readers relate to these actions and vividly picture them. Not only does Pitt’s depiction of the disasters taking place paint you an image of how harsh nature can be, but his description of natures relationship with the Haitian people really drives his ‘sometimes the earth is cruel’ theme home. He persuades you to believe that the earth really is against the Haitian people. He uses words like “monster” to describe an earthquake and words like “smashed”, “tragedy”, and “devastation” to strongly depict how catastrophic this natural disaster was. These efficient language techniques make you resent the earth for causing so much pain, misery and turmoil and sympathize or empathize with the poor people of Haiti; which is exactly what it’s supposed to
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