What Is Stereotypes In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird there is lots of stereotype going on. Kids often see stereotype, but don’t recognize it or they don't know what stereotype means. We always stereotype other people, for example we stereotype other people because of their race or religion. The novel shows lots of stereotype, When they judged people without knowing their actual story. Stereotype is shown from the child’s point of view because children have lots of imagination, Therefore leading children to stereotype other people. Stereotype is everywhere, school, work, and on the street. in To Kill a Mockingbird Simon finch was judged because of his religious and was persecuted. This example prove my thesis because it shows how simon finch was stereotyped by the people because of his religion. It also shows how stereotype can impact a person's life. Another example is scout…show more content…
Jem, Scout, and Dill always stereotype Boo Radley without knowing him or knowing his real story. To explain this example I say people always stereotype people without knowing the person. When a person is walking down the street another person will be stereotyping him or her for religion or race. Another example is when they put Tom Robinson in jail for rapping a white women, but he was innocent. The court won't hear his side they think he is lying because Tom is black. It reminds me of when Rosa Parks went to jail for refusing to move out of her seat. To Kill a Mockingbird uses lots of stereotypes, which we use a lot in society. Kids pick up things pretty fast from their parents or just a random person which may leads kids to stereotype. I would say that everyone even kids and adults judge people for their religion or what race they are. No one is innocent everyone at some point in their lives have stereotype someone or a group of people. Some advise is to try not to stereotype other people without knowing them or their
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