What Is Susan Jacoy's A First Amendment Junkie By Susan Jacoby

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Susan Jacoby is greatly known for her reputation work in “A First Amendment Junkie” published in 1978. She is recognized in the society, especially by women because of writing a reputational essay which reflects her open views and ideas relating to the censorship of pornography in the society. Her argument is that first amendment is the most important thing and that censorship is a wrong thing. In her essay, Jacoby stands by her belief that it is very wrong to suppress any form of censorship against pornography. She argues that imposing censorship violates the individuals’ right to freedom of speech and press guaranteed in the First Amendment. However, in my opinion, I see her First Amendment as less important. In addition, unlike Susan Jacoby’s firm belief, censorship isn’t that wrong and does not violate people’s right to freedom in the society.…show more content…
She argues that it is possible to frown upon pornography and also defend one’s freedom of expression in the society; which seems to be guaranteed in the First Amendment. In addition, Jacoby is determined to show how individuals need to take the so called “healthy and holistic” view of the censorship without taking rigid stances as either pro-First Amendment or ant-First Amendment. Her less important conviction that the First Amendment should be upheld in the society without the regard to the context of expression and freedom has little appeal to the feminists. She even admits that she is criticized and ostracized by many women meaning that her First Amendment isn’t that important to them. Susan Jacoby finds pornography offensive in the society, although she stoutly opposes the idea of censorship on

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