What Is Symbolism In The Veldt

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Ray Bradbury used symbolism, similes, and metaphors in The Veldt, in order to allow the family’s true colors to break the surface. Having multiple forms of symbolism allowed readers to let their imagination wander into how they interpreted the story and its meaning. The metaphors and similes handed readers something easy to compare the story to. Overall, Ray Bradbury’s excellent use of author’s craft made the short story interesting and fun to dive into.
Happylife Home is what the Hadley’s house was called; which costed $30,000 to be installed. It did everything by itself; clothed them, sang to them, rocked them to sleep, cooked, cleaned, ect. It was something that multiple families dreamed to have. It seemed perfect right?;
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Mr. and Mrs. Hadley had practically no relationship with their children because they had allowed the house to take over their roles as parents. The children’s behavior had gotten far out of hand; their thoughts even converted to dark violence. Their mother and father gave up on even attempting to fix anything, for they knew the kids wouldn’t be obedient. During the short story, the veldt was displayed inside of the nursery, The room had a technology that allowed the mind to choose what appeared as the scenery, which made it look and feel realistic. What was bizarre about the veldt, was that it had never seemed to change. Normally, the scene would switch frequently. Each time the veldt was spoken about, words like death and other dark things were used to describe it. Bradbury used the metaphor, “this bake oven with murder in the heat.” By using that metaphor to describe how the veldt made the nursery feel, it helped readers to clearly understand that it was not a fun destination; it was a calmly terrifying scene that gave off awful vibes. The veldt could’ve most certainly represented the darkness that had been hiding in the family for so long. George and Lisa Hadley hated it with every speck
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