What Is Technology In The Classroom Essay

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Dylan Wood 11-2-17 English 1010 Mrs. Miller Tech Savvy Students Technology in the classroom used to be a very uncommon thing, but now more and more classrooms are becoming technology based. Technology has allowed children to learn in ways that never before would have been possible. For History, they can figuratively go back in time. For Science, they can view accurate 3D representations of an atom. It also keeps them more focused and involved in their learning. Technology in the classroom allows children to learn quicker and more effectively. This paper will support the benefits of technology in the classroom, as well as show the downfalls of technology and why they are inconsequential. One of the main reasons that schools exclude technology from the learning workspace is that they believe that technology is more of a distraction than a resource. Technology can entice us away from the business of learning, but so can just about anything else when we are bored. Most students are already interested in technology so as long as the teachers can harness this attention and interest into their own educational uses then it is extremely useful. Using technology in the classroom encourages students to become active learners.…show more content…
Department of education, many educators reported that technology facilitated peer collaboration. (5 Reasons to Incorporate Technology into Your Classroom [Update].) Students are much more likely to collaborate and help each other when using technology. For example many applications in use now allow students to create a document or project that they can collaborate together on in real time. Another form of collaboration that technology facilitates is when other students are struggling using the technology. The students who are very proficient in the use of technology tend to have a great willingness to help out their peers who are struggling and the proficient students usually enjoy helping their less capable
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