What Is The 4th Amendment Essay

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On December 15, 1791 the amendments were added on to the declaration and are meant to be followed as a part of human rights but are they really being followed. After the continental convention the us constitution was made, but it had a few flaws everyone knew it, but didn't expect it to stay together for as long as it has. Sadly though we are losing our amendment bit by bit, we can see it everyday the bill of rights is being broken with new laws and oppression happening everyday. One of the first amendment is the freedom of religion, speech,and the press as well as the right to petition. Not only have the right of our speech been tampered with so hase religion the whole reason this country exists but today we are almost being told us believing in our faith is taboo as well we have almost completely lost our freedom of speech i can't even post my opinion online without losing fifty percent of my friends. With this it isn't hard to believe we are…show more content…
Just two years ago a family was arrest for the refusal of letting police officers use their house a sight to look out for domestic abuse, but when they went they didn't have a warrant nor did they ever get one which violated the family's right. The fourth amendment goes along with the third saying that no own can own your house and enter it without a warrant which has been broken just as much as the third amendment has. As well as the 4 amendment i have said above almost all of our amendments have been broken on average 6 times, the amendments shouldn't have been broken at all. Some may argue that the amendments were broken to help us through, one of the amendment that doesn't benefit anyone is the missouri execution act that allowed you to murder a mormon or member of the church of latter day saints without being tried, this act wasn't taken away till 1976, 137 years after the paper was signed that allowed you to kill
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