What Is The Abolition Of The 22nd Amendment Essay

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What would result from the repeal of the 22nd amendment? Would we be forced to submit to a dictatorship? Or would we be blessed with an illustrious leader? Would we be willing to take that risk? The 22nd amendment states that, “No person shall be elected to the office of the President more than twice...” Recent discussions and proposals have been put forth to repeal or modify the amendment. No person should have that opportunity to surrender to the charms of power. Two four year terms should be more than enough time to make a positive change for the nation. Two Presidential terms should be the limit of power, and I am not the only person who believes so. “Term limits… have [been] approved… in 19 states.”(graphics) Past presidents have supported the limiting of terms for presidency; two supporters were George Washington and Harry Truman. “George Washington could have been elected to a third term,…show more content…
A prime example of a president who did not attempt to become a dictator and lasted more than two terms would be president Roosevelt. During his first two terms, he guided the United States out of the Great Depression in the 30’s. Since he did so much good for the nation, he was elected for four terms. “[He] explain[ed] that he could not leave the helm at a time he was guiding the nation through the Second World War.”(Roddy) Roosevelt seemed a necessity in the nation’s time of need, but how many people actually agreed with this during that time? We can’t exactly ask them. Many died during the Depression and wartime. During World War II, Japanese Americans were imprisoned; Roosevelt was not known to be very oppositional. Perhaps the stress of presidency was beginning to weigh in. Therefore, he had a lack of good decisions- at least as good of decisions as they used to be. When Roosevelt died, Congress seized the moment to make the law that would be the 22nd
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