What Is The Abuse Of Power In Animal Farm

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When you think of tyrannical rulers, you never think of pigs, however, in the Animal Farm novel, the cruel behavior, complete control, and the hierarchy of classes, differentiates them from the other animals. The book Animal Farm is about a group of farm animals who have been tortured and mistreated until the animals rebel against their owner. The animals decide to run the farm themselves. Manor Farm has two weeks of perfect utopia; however, the idea of communism is only perfect on paper. The pigs indirectly start to take over the farm. These four pigs have extreme power over the animals; it baffles people to how naive the other animals can be. The four pigs with the most power and the main characters in the novel are Napoleon, snowball, squealer, and old major. Old Major had the higher power over the other animals because he already made himself seem powerful. In…show more content…
The animals have no idea what is going on in Animal Farm since squealer uses his charming words to confuse the animals. Napoleon, the boar, has many goals but the main one was to have complete and absolute power. The pigs act in specific situations to weaken equality and give up their freedom by giving fewer rations to the other animals and forcing them to work on Sundays. The other animals do not realize that the animals are losing their freedom and equality because they are not smart and do not understand the conflict. The pigs do influence the attitude and behaviors of other followers on animal farm. They rule the farm and make the decisions and if the other animals do not listen, they did not see the light of the next day. The character of the pigs is extremely different from most of the other animals. The pigs represent the higher power in the real world. The pigs are self-serving. They only take care of themselves and strive for
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