What Is The Aftermath Of The Munich Massacre

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Research question:
What was the aftermath of The Munich Massacre?

The Munich Massacre occurred on the 5th of September 1972 in Munich, Germany during the summer Olympic Games. The massacre was an act of terrorism by the Palestinian Terrorists which led to the captivity of eleven Israeli athletes from there house in the athlete village only to be killed at a nearby airfield. My topic of research is to look into the aftermath of the Munich Massacre and check how the Israeli government responded to the brutality of the attacks by the terrorists.

Research Report:
After the events of the Munich Massacre, Israel responded to the Palestinian brutality under the name Operation Wrath of God. (Klein 2005, Reeve 2000). Following the days after the Olympic tragedy, the Mossad, Israel’s national intelligence agency grew four times in size and used PM Meir’s guidance to seek out those involved in the acts of terrorism and to strike back at this group wherever we can find them.
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Within the next 14 to 20 years, at least 23 PLO members were assassinated by Mossad agents, none of which were directly involved with the Munich Massacre. The Mossad have never been credited or publicly acknowledged for the alleged responsibility for the killings of at least 1 out of the 3 Munich Massacre terrorists that survived in the late 1970s or early 1980s, and also the 1992 assassination of Atef Bseiso, BSO liaison to European intelligence officials who was in charge at the time of the attacks. Within the capacity of Operation Wrath of God, the operation known as Spring of Youth was conducted by the Mossad successfully yet suffered a huge failure in the eyes of the public known as the Lillehammer
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