What Is The Argument In Oedipus Rex

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According to oxford dictionary, the definition of argument is an exchange of opposite or diverging views, typically a heated or angry one argument. The definition of argument often serve group agendas while ignoring or attempting to silence others. My argument is that Antigone story is better than Oedipus the King. She tried to honor his brother by give him a proper burial rite. The argument with Oedipus was when the king of Thebes Laius, was told by the oracle that Jokasta will give birth to a son who will kill his father and marry his mother. During this time his son was born so he riveted the infants feet and left him on Mount Cithaeron to die. But the shepherd who was told to leave the baby on Mount Cithaeron felt sad for the baby and took him to the king of Corinth, Polybus being childless adopted the boy. Later on after doubting is parentage, he was told by the oracle the about his fate. He ran from Corinth and on his way to Thebes, he encountered his real father without knowing it was his real father, fought and…show more content…
During this time, Haemon was going to save Antigone but ended up ending her dead body in the cave. Kreon was also on his way to the cave when he realize Haemon was already there leaning over Antigone’s body. Then a messenger to tell what has taken place. Kreon’s wife Eurydike told the messenger to tell everything that has taken palce. The two fought and Haemon ended up taking his own life. When the new got to his mother, Kreon’s wife Eurydike she also took her life in grief over the death of her sons which her other son died in the war against Polyneikes. Kreon blamed himself for everything that has happened, he was torn and had his servant helped him to get to his chambers. He then came back to another disturbing new that his wife is dead, he realize he was truly cursed and had no one to depend
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