Is Animal Testing Wrong

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“The greatness of a nation can be judged by the way its animals are treated,” a quote from Mahatma Gandhi. Animal testing has been around since ancient times with the Greek and Romans. Aristotle and Erasistratus were the first documented to perform experiments on animals between the years 384 and 258 BCE. Since the 1600’s, many people have debated on whether it is morally correct or wrong to test on animals. While testing on animals might help humans slightly, is it what we should do? First, humans test animals for cures that are supposed to work on humans, but testing only proves how it works on different animals. Secondly, when something is tested on animals and is proven safe and effective, it can still be useless or detrimental to humans…show more content…
Most of the drugs tested on animals could still be dangerous and make the animal’s sacrifice worthless. Even though animal testing has also helped to create several life-saving cures and treatments, hundreds of animals had to die, all of them having no need or responsibility to sacrifice themselves for humans. When these cures are being made, a disease may only effect ten to fifteen people, but humans would still test on hundreds of animals. A jungle filled with monkeys could be captured and tested on until they die, for just a couple of humans that are sick with a disease that requires a medicine unable to found within animal testing, but the animals would still die. Not only does animal testing not give 100% accurate results, there are also many other ways that can help humans test…show more content…
With today’s day and age, people have so many different and better options than animal testing. According to, “clinical observation, clinical research, in vitro research with human tissue, autopsies, computer modeling, technology, human drug surveillance, epidemiology, pathology, preventive medicine ” are some ways that are an alternative to animal testing. The claim is supported by this piece of evidence, because it lists other methods besides animal testing to test new medicines and cures. Although some of these methods may be expensive, at least animals won’t get hurt. Some people may believe testing on similar working body system is a better way of getting results. This may be true in some cases, but the human body is different than most other animals, but the animals that do have similar working body systems would be used to near extinction. Since the human body is different, the results from animal testing would be unreliable and dangerous to people if it was the only research used. Why do humans still test on animals when there is still a risk at the
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