What Is The Balcony Scene From Romeo And Juliet

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Shion Conaway
English 1 period 6
Promptbook Act 2: Scene 2: Balcony Scene
Romeo: "To Juliet you 're so pretty and shine just like the sun, the pale moon is so jealous of you... You know what I 'm saying girl? You 're the finest in New York and your eyes sparkle like the stars. "
Juliet: "Oh my!"
Romeo: (quietly whispers) "Speak again Juliet! You look like an angel from heaven that all the guys in New York wanna date."
Juliet: "Oh Romeo! Our families don 't get along... You know that. We have two options, you can change your surname, or swear you love me and I 'll change mine."
Romeo: "You talk so much girl!"
Juliet: "Romeo, it 's only your name that 's my enemy!"
Romeo: "huh? What is she saying?"
Juliet: "Your name doesn 't define who you are! You 'd still be yourself if you changed your name. What defines a Montague anyway? It 's not a hand, a foot, or any other body part for that matter! Even if you had a different name you would still be yourself. If we called chocolate by any other name it would still be just as sweet. Change your name and we can be together!
Romeo: "Yo, I only understood about half of that but I trust you! I 'll change my name!"
Juliet: "Um excuse me, who is on the balcony below mine eavesdropping on me? Is it my neighbor who lives below me?"
Romeo: “I don’t know how to tell you who I am. I hate my name because it’s yo enemy. You know what I’m sayin?”
Juliet: “I have not heard you say 100 words yet, but I recognize your
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