What Is The 'Black Sacred Cosmos'?

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This week’s assignment is to answer questions, in essay format, on “The Religious Dimension and Black Baptists.” In order to explore the topic and try to answer the assigned questions, reading chapters one and two of the textbook, “The Black Church in the African American Experience,” by C. Eric Lincoln and Lawrence H. Mamiya, provided answers. Below are responses to the five questions. 1. What is the "Black Sacred Cosmos" (Chapter 1)? From reading the textbook, it can be surmised that the “Black Sacred Cosmos” is the African-American religious worldview and its spiritual rebirth to Christianity as shaped by its heritage through slavery, emancipation, segregation, and other social injustices used to withhold societal and religious freedom from African-Americans in America, in which the whole universe/cosmos is viewed as sacred. The ultimate goal in this, as it related to the church, was the personal conversion of those who were not “saved,” to coming to know God and accepting Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. In this worldview African American Christians Afro-centrically define nuances and emphasis of their theological views. 2. Name and explain the social model presented in Chapter 1. The social model presented in chapter 1 is referred to as the “dialectical…show more content…
Women may serve in any lay office in the local church. In the National Baptist Convention of America women generally hold no offices, locally or nationally. In the National Baptist Convention, Inc. women officers are limited to the usher’s auxiliary and the women’s convention, however, a women does serve as the Executive Director of the Sunday School Publishing Board. A woman leads the Congress of Christian Education in the Progressive National Baptist Convention, and their constitution states that women, clergy or lay, may hold any office within the
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