What Is The Cause Of Rome's Fall?

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Diocletian was at first a general but then stepped up into being them empire in AD 284. He conducted some political reforms to help Rome 's turmoil. Since Rome was constantly getting invaded, he build forts along the Frontiers to try to defend the empire. He also divided the empire into four part each with its own leader and he put himself in charge of those leader. Diocletian also tried to bring up the economy, he set the highest price of goods and wages to try to prevent them from going higher. He ordered people to work at the same job until they died to boost up the productivity. He also made officials personally responsible for taxes. Even though these reforms could have made Rome a stronger empire it never worked because people refused to listen to the laws and Diocletian didn 't have the power to enforce them.…show more content…
The forces that led to Rome 's fall first started as social problems. Famine and disease spread throughout the whole empire. Another reason why Rome fell was because the Government wasn 't strong enough to help the people with their problems and it had poor leadership. Decline of the Economy was also another thing that brought Rome to a fall, peoples wages and income weren 't high enough to support their families and the Wealthy could manage to pay their taxes. Then the Government fails and violence increases so the empire in divided into east and west. The west empires fall in AD 476 but the eastern empire can last for about 1,000 more
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