What Is The Character Of Day In One Day Essay

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Tough times happen to everyone, even if you 're rich or if you 're poor, as long as you 're human, we will always have tough times. These two kids born in different families one named Day a poor slum, and another named June a rich sector girl actually who are supposed to be enemies, find each other and reunite to destroy the mighty corrupted government. Marie Lu uses revealing action to show how these two kids who lost their family went through rough times, first become enemies and then become teammates. In the beginning of the story Day was a kid that failed the Trial (A test on how good you’re at everything) and was experimented on, but escaped and became a famous criminal. Later on in the story Day’s family is dying of the plague and he wanted to save his family since his family is the only thing he had left, so he broke into the hospital and found out that there was no more plague medicine, so he ran, but he has been a bit slow since June’s brother Metias(Hear about him later) stops Day, but Day throws a knife at him and “kills his brother”. June a girl with a perfect trial score parents die, so all she has left is her brother, but when she learns that Day killed her brother, she became super mad , “Day’s exploits used to fascinate…show more content…
Moving on in the book June learns some stuff she had never known before about the government, page 244, “They killed him.” Who did they kill, it turns out the government are the ones who killed June’s family since the dad knew too much information about how the government is putting viruses into the water they give to the poor. It turns out that Day didn’t kill Metias it was actually the government since Metias knew too much information about how the government was corrupt Day just weakened him ,“And I want to free the body that didn’t kill my brother” page 266. Now, since June knew the truth, she and Day became allies and helped escape Day from jail , “You’re fond of Day aren’t you?” pg
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