What Is The Character Of Snowball In Animal Farm

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Animal Farm Napoleon: He is a big, black and angry looking pig. He was Berkshire, a pig of a black breed, and the only one who looked like that on the farm. Napoleon didn’t talk much and went his own ways. He becomes the leader of Animal Farm when he runs Snowball out of the farm. He is very selfish and is very nice to the other animals. He takes the credit for all the good things that Snowball did. He is often said to resemble Joseph Stalin the Russian dictator who lead the Soviet Union in World War II. Snowball: Snowball was slightly different from Napoleon. Snowball was more vivacious, which means that he was attractively lively and animated. He had leaner speech and was more innovative than Napoleon, but he was not considered to have the same depth of character. Boxer: Boxer was one of the two cart-horses, a large strong horse suitable for heavy work. He was an enormous beast on the farm. He was almost eighteen hands high and as strong as two horses put together. Boxer characterized by a white strip that he had down his nose. He was judged stupid off his strip but in fact he was not a first-rate intelligence. Boxer was a fan of all and was respected for his character and enormous powers of work. Squealer: Squealer was a pig. He was small, fat and he had a cup cheeks. His eyes were always shining. Squealer had nimble movements and a high voice. He was brilliant talker and stories claimed that he could change black color to white. Old Major: Old Major was twelve
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