What Is The Competitive Advantage Of Ryanair

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This is the report from our evaluation of the Ryanair Holdings. Ryanair was found in 1985 and has its headquarters at the Dublin Airport Ireland. Flights began between Ireland and the United Kingdom in1986 as the new airline’s Dublin-London route challenged the British Airways-Aer-Lingus duopoly. Ryanair is the pioneer of the low-fares model in Europe and it is the largest European low fares airline. As the time changed, there are many threats come and hurt the Ryanair airline. However, in the recent years, Ryanair keep changes and make a development on its brand image and made a lot of efforts to attract more customers and use the past bad experienced to teach them to become better in future. After Ryanair faced all the challenges in the airline business for many years, it is managed to become a biggest low-fares airline in the Europe and use the low fares as a competitive advantage of Ryanair.

In this report, we are required to perform a SWOT analysis, evaluate four criteria of sustainable competitive advantage, discuss the two primary value chain activities which are operation and sales and marketing, and finally we need to discuss the impact of two external environmental factors that challenge Ryanair company to remain competitive in the airline industry.

1. Based on the case, perform a SWOT analysis for Ryanair Holdings by pointing out the relevant answers in each of the SWOT quadrant.
SWOT analysis for Ryanair Holdings
SWOT analysis is a

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