What Is The Conflict In Doodle's Life

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It is important to stay true to yourself because pressure from society can force us into doing unusual things.The author shows us the characters' conflicts through tone, symbolism, and man vs society. These terms are useful because not only do they show us the characters' conflicts but, they help us get a better understanding of what the characters are going through first hand. In the story “The Scarlet Ibis” the author teaches us some life lessons that he shows us through some characters' conflicts and unusual situations as the story moves on. The story revolves around these two brothers, The older brother is embarrassed about having a crippled brother and wants him to conform to society by teaching him how to walk and run, eventually pushing him too far and killing him. We learn a lot from the way Doodle is treated by his brother and other characters around him, it teaches us a lot about their personality…show more content…
Doodle does have an emotional side and that first stuck in the story when the author says ( Sadly, we all looked back out at the bird, a Scarlet Ibis. How many miles it had travelled to die like this in our yard, beneath the bleeding tree) (424) This quote demonstrates how the Scarlet Ibis represents Doodle’s life, his achievements, goals. It shows the struggles Doodle suffered through and experienced throughout his journey with his older brother, and how sensitive and fragile Doodle can be especially when he is left alone. The Scarlet Ibis is very similar to Doodle in many ways, like how the Scarlet Ibis was forced to follow the hurricane just like how Doodle was forced to conform to society or how both Doodle and the bird died under the bleeding tree. This shows how the Scarlet Ibis symbolizes Doodle and the way he was pressured by society as the Scarlet Ibis was by nature. It shows the peer pressure Doodle received even if he was
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