What Is The Corruption Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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"The Great Gatsby"The Corruption of the " American Dream"
The"Roaring Twenties" was an Era of economic growth and dramatic social and political change. After World War, I birthed the idea of "The American Dream". Anyone could be successful if they are willing to work hard. The Twenties was the Era of the new women sexually liberated flapper girls with bobbed hair and shorter dresses a carefree time. The Twenties women smoked in public and danced in the new dances. Women in 1920s were given the right to vote for the first time in American History.The Twenties was the birthplace of jazz and the Era of Prohibition. "The Great Gatsby" is a story of the failure of the "American Dream" and the corruption of the "American Dream" in the 1920s Era. F. Scott Fitzgerald throughout "The Great Gatsby portrays the difference between the rich and the poor.
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In"The Great Gatsby" many of the characters lives are centered around money and status. However, money could not buy happiness for Jay Gatsby the embodiment of the "American Dream" coming from nothing and becoming successful. Jay Gatsby is an enchanting man who has made his fortune as a gangster. Jay Gatsby is a victim of greed and carelessness. "The Great Gatsby" is fictionally written by Nick Carraway. Nick Carraway has just arrived at West Egg Long Island to be a bondsman. Nick Carraway comes from a good family the Carraway 's and connived his family to let him go to New York. Nick Carraway is the next door neighbor of Jay Gatsby."The Great Gatsby" is limited due to being written from first point view. Nick Carraway the narrator isn 't the center of the story he
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