What Is The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night-Time Essay

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College is known as a place where people go to continue their education from high school or complete a degree, find out more about themselves, and establish relationships that could last a lifetime. In Mark Haddon’s novel titled The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time, the protagonist named Christopher Boone seems to have his whole future planned out. Christopher says, “I am going to go to university in another town… And then I will get a First Class Honors degree and I will become a scientist.” Students like Christopher have dreams similar to this, and they strive to be doctors and lawyers among other things in their adulthood. Though many people seek college as a means of accomplishing their goals in life and finding out who they truly are, they are deprived of it because of one simple reason: the…show more content…
The cost of college tuition has been rising at a steep rate, going from only $2,000 for a public school or $10,000 for a private school in the 1970s to $30,000 for a public school or $100,000 for a private school today. Frankly, it is very unfair to those who cannot afford to pay tuition and yet are not eligible for financial aid and certain scholarships. Payment for college tuition is a major issue in the United States, especially for the middle class. More often than not, middle class families have an income that is too high to qualify for financial aid at certain colleges. However, the salary that they earn is still too little to pay off the cost of attending on top of commute, food, course materials, and boarding if needed. The average cost of college tuition for a private college as of 2016 is $32,405 according to The College Board, the median
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