What Is The Difference Between Ancient Egyptian Sports And Games

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Both Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Rome deal with sports, and games, but they do so in different ways. Egyptians played sports, and games thousands of years ago. Ancient Romans played thousands of years ago to, but not as long ago as Ancient Egyptians. Both civilizations played games we still do today, but they did them differently back then, than they do today. Ancient Egyptians most popular sport was soccer. They didn’t do it exactly like they do today, but a different version. They still had to kick the ball, but goals were made differently, and rules were a bit different. Adults, and kids played soccer. Another popular sport was swimming. Since they Egyptians had the Nile they could swim in it anytime. People of all ages swam. Normally they would have parties near the Nile for the purpose of swimming. They would have swimming races like people do today, or just swim around for fun. Since they had the Nile, they could have rowing competitions. Since Egyptians had the privilege of the wheel, they had a version of a bike. It was made of other…show more content…
In trigon three people stood around in a triangle, and threw the ball around. The goal of the game was not to drop the ball. If you dropped the ball you were out. The best players threw, and caught with their left hand. Players through the ball to tough spots to make it hard for them to catch it. Another popular sport was soccer. Ancient Egyptians also played soccer. Like Ancient Egyptians, Ancient Romans played soccer differently than we do today. Another popular sport they played was pancratium. It was a combination of wrestling, and boxing. This was one of the most tough sports they played. What they did was they had the option to wrestle, or use their bare hands to box, because they didn’t have boxing gloves back then, or any type of gloves. You had to be very strong to do this sport, so they likely had to lift weights. This is something that Ancient Egyptians didn’t
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