What Is The Difference Between Childhood And Childhood Essay

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CHILDHOOD VS ADULTHOOD If given a chance to go back to your childhood, would you have let it go? Oh, how adults wish to go back to the bitter sweet days of their childhood and to leave the work of stress and finances behind. But some children are wishing that they were already grown up. Without knowing that once they have grown up they lose their innocence and have to try and make it in this fast paced world. Every stage of life has its own set of rules and happiness and we must try to learn and get adjusted to it. One is born as babies, grow as a child and turn adults and finally reach the old age. When little, we longed for the freedom that adults enjoyed but never thought of the hardships in later life that accompanies childhood. Childhood and adulthood are two different stages of life and the rest of our life is totally dependent on these two stages. Childhood is the most important time of your life, the time of innocence. One starts to create oneself during this childhood moments. It is the time of one’s life when they has scrapped knees and a box of crayon with sharpener inside. It is also the time when a child learns to make decisions that will later be useful in their lives. One doesn’t have to worry about anything during childhood. Mostly parents take care of their children during their childhood. It is a life of stressed free.…show more content…
One has to think about the career, manage their time properly and so much more. When in family, one has to take care of everyone and has to plan their time as to what time they have football practices, drama and music class. One has to spend their time with their family. Being an adult doesn’t only have negative sides it does have positive though. Being an adult one has the experiences of how to face the world. One has the opportunity to share their happiness and sorrow with their friends and family. Since adults are grown-ups they should make up their own

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